Iraq Hangs 21 'Terrorism' Convicts

Iraq Hangs 21 'Terrorism' Convicts

Iraqi authorities on Monday hanged 21 men convicted of terrorism at the country’s Nasiriyah prison, Iraq’s Interior Ministry confirmed in a statement.

The men were convicted of unspecified crimes under a 2005 counter-terrorism law in Iraq that carries the death penalty. Iraqi government officials did not provide details about the men’s specific crimes, but some of the individuals executed were
“involved in two suicide attacks that killed dozens of people in the northern town of Tal Afar,” the ministry’s statement said, according to Reuters.

The executions took place in Iraq’s southern city of Nasiriyah, home to the notorious prison of the same name. Nasiriyah prison is the only detention facility in Iraq that carries out capital punishment, according to Kurdish news agency Rudaw.

President Donald Trump on Tuesday at an ABC News town hall promised peace in the Middle East without losing American soldiers in unwinnable wars.

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