Iranian Media: Capitol Riot a Product of 'Racist Roots' of America

Iranian Media: Capitol Riot a Product of 'Racist Roots' of America

PressTV, an Iranian state propaganda outlet, made the case in a column published Thursday that a riot at the U.S. Capitol the day before occurred because of the “racist roots of the United States” and, in particular, the racism allegedly inherent in the Electoral College system.

The article, on PressTV’s English language page, was published on the same day Iranian President Hassan Rouhani condemned the United States and its constitutional republican system as “weak” and in decline. Iran is an authoritarian Islamic theocracy run by one man since 1979.

PressTV condemned the United States for having a system that does not represent the people. While the rioters that attacked the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday were part of a crowd claiming to protest President Donald Trump’s documented loss of the 2020 presidential election, the outlet claimed the true reasons for their presence there were based on long-simmering racial tensions between black

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