Iran Sought Nukes, Tech for WMDs, Dutch Reports Find

Iran Sought Nukes, Tech for WMDs, Dutch Reports Find

Iran made several attempts in 2020 to obtain technology needed to develop weapons of mass destruction and has continued its pursuit of atomic weapons, a Dutch intelligence report said.

The General Intelligence and Security Service of the Netherlands “investigated networks that tried to obtain the knowledge and materials to develop weapons of mass destruction. Multiple acquisition attempts have been frustrated by the intervention of the services,” the April report said.

The report comes on the heels of another last month published by a German intelligence agency that claimed Tehran was seeking European technology in its quest for weapons of mass destruction.

Sweden similarly charged Iran of carrying out industrial espionage in its quest to obtain products that could be used to make nuclear weapons. According to the Dutch report:

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The joint Counter-proliferation Unit (UCP) of the AIVD [the General Intelligence and Security Service] and the MIVD [the country’s

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