Iowa GOP 'definitely' holding 2024 caucus and expects contest to go first

Iowa GOP 'definitely' holding 2024 caucus and expects contest to go first

Republicans are sticking with Iowa in 2024 as party officials commit to the caucus format and expect the contest to bat leadoff on the GOP’s presidential nominating calendar — the tradition for nearly a half-century.

Republicans support Iowa’s special status as the first state to cast votes for president in the quadrennial primary, content the roughly 90% white Midwestern battleground reflects the GOP electorate and bolsters the party’s strategic tilt toward the heartland. Republicans also are intent on preserving Iowa’s caucus, an election fraught with counting controversies in recent years and with lower turnout than conventionally run primaries but popular among grassroots conservatives loyal to former President Donald Trump.

“The state will definitely hold a caucus and not a primary,” Iowa Republican Party Chairman Jeff Kaufmann told the Washington Examiner Tuesday. “We are proceeding as if the carve-out process will continue.”

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The Republican National Committee sets its presidential nominating calendar every four years and typically reserves

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