Introducing Smart Doge Prepaid Card

Introducing Smart Doge Prepaid Card

Smart Doge is a new Doge token, but what separates Smart Doge from other Doge tokens is Smart Doge is the first and only Doge token with a virtual prepaid Visa card. Smart Doge users can get issued a Visa card within 15 minutes and do not need to complete a KYC process to do so.

Cardholders will be able to use the virtual cards to make purchases and pay for services online. Once users are issued the virtual cards, they will be able to start using the card immediately.

All but two Smart Doge features are set to be ready once the project launches. The two features to be implemented later this year are KYC and staking.

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How The Smart Doge Prepaid Card Works

The prepaid card will allow users to top up their cards with coins such as BNB, BUSD, or Smart Doge (SDOG). This gives users more options when it comes to using their cards for

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