Interoperable DeFi Solution Panther Protocol Secures $8 Million

Interoperable DeFi Solution Panther Protocol Secures $8 Million

The decentralized finance industry has noted substantial initial success, but there is still room for improvements. Panther Protocol acknowledges the growing demand for privacy-oriented solutions in this space. By securing $8 million in private funding, the team can bring interoperable privacy to DeFi users worldwide.

Enhancing Zero-Knowledge Proofs With Panther Protocol

Anyone who has kept tabs on the cryptocurrency industry and its privacy-oriented discussions will have come across the term zero-knowledge proofs. It is a cryptographic way of introducing privacy at the protocol level, yet very few projects embrace it. Panther Protocol is taking zero-knowledge proofs to the next level by creating zero-knowledge disclosures. Opting for this method allows protocol users to benefit from privacy while remaining compliant without providing underlying information.

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As an interoperable privacy protocol for the DeFi industry, Panther Protocol aims to cater to users and institutional players. Users are usually subject to surveillance and espionage due to the transparent nature of public blockchains. Demand for

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