Internet Shutdowns Cost India $2.8B in 2020: Report

Internet Shutdowns Cost India $2.8B in 2020: Report

A new report shows India’s regional internet shutdowns in 2020 cost its economy approximately $2.8 billion, making it the country that suffered the most damage from internet manipulation by a government last year.

Internet shutdowns, or the intentional disruptions of internet access or electronic communications targeting a specific location or population, are often used by governments to control unrest but often lead to human rights abuses, from silencing the press and obstructing peaceful protests to cutting off access to information. 

Intermittent shutdowns across India, combined with the blackout in the disputed Kashmir region that extended over months, made up 8,927 hours and affected over 10 million people, the report said. It also shows India and Myanmar are responsible for the longest shutdowns for the second consecutive year.

The “Global Cost of Internet Shutdowns in 2020” report, published by Virtual Provider Network (VPN) review platform Top10VPN, compiled instances of internet manipulation across the globe

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