Internet 2030: The Future and How We Get There

Internet 2030: The Future and How We Get There

“Web 2.0 is broken”: It is arguably the most important, if not overused, thesis driving innovation across the world of crypto, as entrepreneurs tout visions of a Web 3.0 that re-emphasize the internet’s founding ideals of enabling freedom and empowering prosperity. 

In 2020, that vision has deviated from its original course in well-documented ways: the capture of web infrastructure by a handful of dominant tech giants, the rise of “surveillance capitalism,” the emergence of fake news and disinformation wars across all of society. 

While the problems with the current landscape are understood, the path forward to a decentralized web is a murkier proposition full of many possibilities. 

Through a series of live conversations, CoinDesk’s “Internet 2030” will examine the future of the medium and what role blockchain and crypto will play in it, a series of stories and conversations on the future of the decentralized web. 

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