Instacart Planning To Enlist Robots To Cut Costs: Report

Instacart Planning To Enlist Robots To Cut Costs: Report

Instacart Inc., the San Francisco-based grocery shopping and delivery service, is reportedly planning to utilize robots in order to carry out its shopping needs and cut costs. 

As reported by Bloomberg, the outlet reviewed documents that explained the company’s plan, which “involves building automated fulfillment centers around the U.S., where hundreds of robots would fetch boxes of cereal and cans of soup while humans gather produce and deli products. Some facilities would be attached to existing grocery stores while larger standalone centers would process orders for several locations, according to the documents, which were dated July and December.”

The documents reportedly revealed various information, including the fact that the company was planning to start the process of trying out the fulfillment centers later this year. According to sources familiar with the issue, however, Instacart is behind schedule. “And though the documents mention asking several automation providers to build the technology, Instacart hasn’t settled on any, said the people, who requested anonymity

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