Inside The Vatican’s Surprising Alliance With Biotech Venture Capital

Inside The Vatican’s Surprising Alliance With Biotech Venture Capital

The pressure for universal injection with a biological agent still under probation is unprecedented. Equally remarkable is the papal embrace of vaccine politics and its network of commercial partners and global governments. Propelled by COVID, the military-industrial complex of 60 years ago has its parallel in the medical-industrial complex. And the Vatican approves.

In January, Pope Francis suggested we are morally obligated to take an experimental coronavirus vaccine. Not to take it was “suicidal denialism” and an offense against love of neighbor. A needle in every arm is the only decent thing.

Addressing the World Bank and International Monetary Fund on April 4, he advocated “global governance” to enforce “a justly financed vaccine solidarity.” It was a good day for stakeholders in the global market for the newly patented vaccines.

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The Fifth International Vatican Conference on cell therapies followed weeks later. Conducted over Zoom this year, it was co-hosted by the Pontifical Council for Culture under Cardinal Ravasi, and

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