Inside the Beltway: Why is he 'President-elect Biden'?

Inside the Beltway: Why is he 'President-elect Biden'?

The gleeful news media was throwing around the phrase “President-elect Joe Biden” on election night, with never a thought of adding the adjective “presumptive” to the phrase. The press has been bandying it about ever since. Even the kids are getting a dose of Joe Biden, White House resident.

NBC News anchor Lester Holt brought that phrase to children, on the network’s well intentioned “Kid’s Edition” program Saturday.

“Let’s turn now to the presidential election. President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris are preparing to take office in January,” Mr. Holt told his young audience, with no mention of any legal complexities that hover around the election itself.

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“The media, including social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, are inaccurately labeling Biden as president-elect. No official sources have called the election. Federal law and the Constitution limit official sources to state officials, the Electoral College, and, ultimately, Congress. Thankfully, the Constitution does not give the media the ability

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