Inside the Beltway: Democrats ready to cancel everything

Inside the Beltway: Democrats ready to cancel everything

Some observers spot ulterior motives behind feel-good, “stay safe” cautions from Democratic politicians and officials, who persuaded much of the public on mail-in voting, lockdowns of healthy people and other ways to foil the coronavirus.

Parents and families who must cope with shuttered schools — particularly those affected by edicts in New York City and other urban areas — face considerable, disheartening and unwieldy challenges. Restaurants, sports teams, entertainment venues and cultural destinations also suffer. Consider that all 20 museums of the Smithsonian Institute plus the National Zoo will be closed until further notice. Those museums drew as many as 30 million annual visitors in recent years.

“Due to the changing nature of the situation, we are not announcing reopening dates at this time,” stated a notice from the Museum of American History.

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Which brings us to the holiday season.

“Now in the name of ‘risk’ and ‘safety, Americans — of all people, Americans — are allowing politicians to

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