Inside the Beltway: Coronavirus pandemic conspiracy plot thickens

Inside the Beltway: Coronavirus pandemic conspiracy plot thickens

The mysterious coronavirus tales are many. It originated from bats. It originated from bat soup. It escaped from some laboratory. It’s been around since last year. It’s hanging around until next year. It’s was engineered to drive President Trump from office. The list of possibilities goes on.

But wait. Now we find that seven-out-of-10 of Americans say they have heard about a conspiracy theory that the coronavirus outbreak was “intentionally planned” by powerful people — including 19% who say they have heard “a lot” about this mystery idea. This is according to the Pew Research Center.

So if you were wondering about the possibility, you’re not alone.

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“A sizable portion of Americans who have heard this conspiracy theory say it is likely true. Of those who have heard at least something about it, 36% say it is ‘definitely’ or ‘probably’ true — equivalent to a quarter of all U.S. adults,” the pollster says.

A lot more Republicans than Democrats

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