Inside the Beltway: An unsociable social media 'conspiracy'

Inside the Beltway: An unsociable social media 'conspiracy'

Both Twitter and Facebook have reduced distribution of a bombshell New York Post report revealing new details of Hunter Biden’s alleged foreign dealings. The two social media giants justified their action by citing their own internal regulations.

“Conservatives have been complaining about big tech bias for years and the companies and the news media have denied it. There’s no denying it now,” says Dan Gainor, vice president of TechWatch, a project of the Media Research Center, a conservative press watchdog.

“Twitter and Facebook are involved in a conspiracy to fix the presidential election. Twitter’s bizarre defense claimed it was restricting ‘content obtained through hacking,” but it set no such limits on stories about President Trump’s tax returns,” Mr. Gainor points out.

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A significant study of campaign contributions made by the social media giants conducted by Joseph Vazquez — also an analyst with the Media Research Center — has telling news. He reviewed political donation records of both organizations on

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