Indiana University to Offer Class on Defunding the Police

Indiana University to Offer Class on Defunding the Police

Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) is offering a course this semester that will discuss recent police reform efforts including the controversial “Defund the Police” movement. Students will learn about the various ways in which the United States can “reduce the size” of its criminal justice system.

According to a report by Campus Reform, students at IUPUI have the opportunity to take a course that will discuss the “Defund the Police” movement.

The course, which is called “Defund the Police? Race, Policing, and Criminal Justice Reform,” is offered to students this semester.

The course description suggests that students will be taught America should reconsider the role of police officers and “reduce the size and scope” of the criminal justice system.

We will examine evidence of racial disparities in criminal justice outcomes for African Americans, LatinX, and other minoritized groups. We will explicitly consider the current roles and functions of the police, use

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