Indian doctors perform CPR on oxygen-starved COVID patients: video

Indian doctors perform CPR on oxygen-starved COVID patients: video

Harrowing video has emerged of Indian doctors and nurses desperately trying to save the lives of COVID-19 patients gasping for breath in a crowded hospital that ran out of oxygen cylinders.

The disturbing footage captured by the relative of a patient shows doctors performing CPR and carrying out life-saving measures in the hospital in Patiala, in northern India’s Punjab region, according to Jam Press.

One family member sobs as she records the mayhem surrounding a woman lying motionless.

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The heartbreaking scenes were shared as India faces a devastating surge of new infections overwhelming its health-care system and people take desperate measures to try to keep their loved ones alive.

In some cases, they have turned to unproven medical treatments, in others to the black market for medications that are in short supply.

Multiple funeral pyres of people who died of COVID-19 burning simultaneously at Gazipur crematorium in New Delhi, India.Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Ashish Poddar kept an ice

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