Inconsistent Pennsylvania polling paints uneven picture of race

Inconsistent Pennsylvania polling paints uneven picture of race

Depending on which polling firm you look at, Joe Biden is on a path to win Pennsylvania easily in November — or Democrats are setting themselves up for a 2016 repeat of disappointment.

Pennsylvania is again likely to be a crucial state in deciding the presidential race. In 2016, the Keystone State, combined with Wisconsin and Michigan, handed President Trump the keys to the White House, with a combined vote total of under 80,000.

An NBC/Marist survey released on Wednesday found Biden with a 9-point lead over President Trump in the state, with over half, 53%, of voters there saying they plan on backing him this fall. Those numbers are largely a result of suburban voters backing the former vice president, with many citing Trump’s poor handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Trump’s favorability rating in the state is underwater as well, according to NBC/Marist. Fifty-two percent of voters there disapprove of his job performance, while 45% approve.

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