In The Last Year, Congress Sent A Typical Family $27,000 To $110,000 In Cash

In The Last Year, Congress Sent A Typical Family $27,000 To $110,000 In Cash

Between April 2020 and September 2021, Congress will have sent a typical American family of four at least $26,600 and possibly up to $109,048 in cash “COVID relief,” according to a new House GOP analysis. The analysis concludes the following:

— The average family of four with both parents out of work will receive $109,048 or more in government COVID stimulus checks, child tax subsidies, and unemployment checks through September of this year.

— The same family with one parent unemployed will receive $67,824.

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— Even a family of four making twice the national median income with NO LOSS of INCOME during COVID received $26,600 from the government.

NOTE: Actual cash payments may be considerably higher. This analysis excludes rental assistance, paychecks funded by PPP, expanded ACA/Cobra health subsidies, student assistance, and other COVID cash assistance.

The total varies by whether government lockdowns knocked one or both parents in a family out of a job. But even a family

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