Impending Price Explosion In Silver?

Impending Price Explosion In Silver?

Almost every single day I am bringing you warnings that many experts believe silver is about to break 40 years (!!) of price suppression and explode in price!

Over the last 40 years, almost everything in life has gotten more expensive….a LOT more expensive!

40 years ago, a very nice car was $30,000.  We’re talking primo!

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That same car is $95,000.  Easy.

But not silver.

Silver has been artificially suppressed under $30 for over 40 years and many people believe we are about to see what my friend Bix Weir says is an “impending price explosion!”

Watch Bix here saying that $1,000 silver is absolutely not out of the question…..this year:

But Bix is hardly the only person saying it.

Yesterday, Bo Polny came back on my show and said he expects silver to quickly jump to $50, $100 and even over $500 soon:

Watch it safely on Rumble:

And a backup from YouTube.

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