If You Think Trans Ideology Is Infantile, You’re Not Wrong

If You Think Trans Ideology Is Infantile, You’re Not Wrong

Much of modern experience suggests we’ve stumbled into the dream sequences of “Inception.” So many areas of government and social policy seem to be based on non sequiturs rather than rationality. The cascade of disconnects is disorienting.

The “Inception” effect is particularly apparent in the raging transgender phenomenon. It’s a demonstrable fact that sex isn’t “assigned at birth”; that, despite rare natural malfunctions, sex is a binary; and that a human being cannot change from one sex to the other. But proponents of trans ideology seem oblivious to the obvious.

To understand their thought process, such as it is, we must understand its philosophical underpinnings. Trans ideology stems from queer theory, which is one branch of a general academic philosophy called social justice theory. True believers in these theories reject biological reality as either controlling or even particularly relevant because the concept of objective reality itself is simply denied.

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Authors Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay (neither of whom identifies

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