If You Got The C19 Jab, Get Ready For Booster Shots!

If You Got The C19 Jab, Get Ready For Booster Shots!

Will the Covid vaccine be a seasonal shot?

This is something we have all been thinking about, it’s also something that scientists, pathologists, and doctors have touched on before.

New reports highlight exactly what we have suspected for a while; namely, that people who got the Covid-19 jab will probably need a booster shot.

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When, and how often they will need boosters remains to be seen.

As sources point out, scientists need more data before they can make an accurate forecast on how often people will need booster shots.

This lack of data is EXACTLY why people are hesitant to take the first round of the Covid-19 vaccine altogether. The very fact that scientists need to wait to figure out what is going on should excuse people altogether.

Personally, I will be waiting until ALL the long range data is available.

Here is more on the Covid-19 shots:

Yahoo News gave us some

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