If Twitter is Banning People for “Inciting Violence”...They Might Want to Take a Look at THIS Video

If Twitter is Banning People for “Inciting Violence”…They Might Want to Take a Look at THIS Video

After Twitter banned President Trump for two harmless tweets they say could have incited violence, there have been calls for bans on other Trump supporters. Where does Twitter draw the line? It’s hard to say because it all depends on what side of the aisle you’re on politically. The truth is that Trump supporters have put up with beatings and abuse since the 2016 campaign. Who could forget the violence against Trump supporters who attended rallies in 2016?

More recently, Trump supporters were attacked after Trump rallies in DC before the election.

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Even though the media has hijacked the narrative, President Trump did nothing during his speech in DC to incite the crowd. Don’t believe us? Listen to the entire speech. It’s mainly President Trump going over the voter fraud in the 2020 election. He NEVER said anything to encourage violence.

Now, Twitter banned him for the two tweets below:

“The 75,000,000 great American Patriots who voted

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