If Trump loses, it's because of his mask idiocy

If Trump loses, it's because of his mask idiocy

If President Trump loses reelection, it won’t be because of the breathless and conspiratorial crusade of Russiagate conspiracy theorists. It won’t be because of the fake news media or the crazy communists claiming he’s killing the planet.

It will be because when faced with a fairly fatal and highly contagious airborne respiratory disease threatening both his people and his reelection, he decided to wage war against face masks — the single most effective tool in practice to subvert cataclysmic government shutdowns before a vaccine most people won’t even want to take gets finalized for the public.

Trump has had a terrible two weeks. Yes, he recovered from COVID-19, and his high spirits enabled him to debate the relentless interruptions by Matt Lauer’s rather tired-seeming friend, Savannah Guthrie, with deftness. But Trump’s former employers at NBC had him trapped from the start. Guthrie questioned Trump on his resistance to coronavirus mitigation measures, and he still has no better

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