If The Supreme Court Upholds Roe v. Wade, Expect An Uprising

If The Supreme Court Upholds Roe v. Wade, Expect An Uprising

During its next term, the U.S. Supreme Court is set to review a Mississippi law that extended protection to unborn lives starting at 15 weeks — well before the point of “viability” that the court has considered constitutionally pivotal. It is a direct challenge to the Roe vs. Wade decision, the cases in its line, and the ensuing precedents that constitutionalized a system of abortion on demand in the United States.

Ever since the Supreme Court agreed to review the Mississippi law, the commentariat and corporatist media have focused on the potential Democratic and left-wing reaction — that is, on their own reaction. The left is threatening the justices with dire consequences if Roe is overruled. Specifically, Democrats are saying a ruling they don’t like will lead them to pack the Supreme Court.

Clearly, no longer does the left pretend to argue in a disciplined, legal way for the legalization of abortion. The language of raw power, bitter invective,

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