Ideaology’s IDEA Token – Your Ticket to Active IDEA

Ideaology’s IDEA Token – Your Ticket to Active IDEA

The term “ecosystem” flies on the radar within the blockchain and business development industries nowadays. There must be a great need for a productive, digital, and self-sustaining environment with all the essential ingredients for investing, business development, and career growth. Ideaology saw the need for such a platform and developed the Active IDEA platform.

A revolutionary platform backed by blockchain technology with an entirely unique ecosystem for online professionals to invest, develop their business ideas through crowdfunding, or finding a team from a pool of online professionals within one productive platform. How is this all possible? Through IDEA token.

The IDEA token is an ERC-20 token. It serves as a utility and payment token at the same time, allowing its users to be a part of the Active IDEA community. IDEA token is what will make the whole ecosystem within the platform run smoothly.

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With the IDEA token you can enjoy these benefits within the Active IDEA platform:


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