ICE Will No Longer Arrest Pregnant And Nursing Migrants

ICE Will No Longer Arrest Pregnant And Nursing Migrants

The Biden administration has just giving illegal immigrants an extra loophole when in comes to immigration.

Federal immigrations authorities have just issued a new policy which states migrants who are pregnant or nursing children should not be arrested or deported.

The new policy is extremely weak compared to the policy that the Trump administration held which gave no hall passes to anybody that was attempting to come into the country illegally.

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Many expect migrants will now purposely enter the United States while pregnant or human traffic other peoples babies and claim that they are nursing them in order to get a free ticket in to the United Sates.

New ICE policy says pregnant, nursing migrants should not be detained

— (@UPI) July 9, 2021

Thirteen pregnant women were in ICE custody as of yesterday, and they are being considered for release under the new policy.

— The Lily (@thelilynews) July 9, 2021


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