ICE reins in officers' ability to arrest illegal immigrants

ICE reins in officers' ability to arrest illegal immigrants

Immigration and Customs Enforcement rolled out new measures Thursday that limit the categories of immigrants its officers can arrest within the United States.

Immigrants who committed less serious crimes now will not be prioritized for arrest, and officers will have to get permission by managers to pursue those people. Under the Trump administration, they did not need permission.

Instead, new temporary internal guidance from acting ICE Director Tae Johnson states that the only immigrants the agency’s Enforcement and Removal Operations officers will take into custody without first obtaining permission are immigrants who are illegally residing in the U.S. and considered to be a national security, border security, or public safety threat.

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The instructions are good for approximately 90 days until Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas issues official guidance on how the agency should make arrests.

“Like every law enforcement agency at the local, state, and federal level, we must prioritize our efforts to achieve the greatest security

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