ICE Director: Single California Judge Cripples Enforcement in 43 States


A California judge is crippling the nation’s immigration enforcement system, amid the myriad examples of murders and crimes committed by illegal migrants, ICE director Matt Albence said at a White House press conference.

Immigration enforcement is “being singled out and marginalized in ways that no other federal law enforcement organization has to tolerate,” he said. “Tying our hands from the bench does not make our country any safer.”

“We will continue to put our lives on the line to protect the American public, despite the best efforts of those who like to see no enforcement or open borders,” he said.

The judge’s action was prompted by an ACLU lawsuit, which argued that some U.S. citizens were being misidentified as migrants by police databases. The judge announced September 27 he would end ICE’s authority to detain individuals — including illegals who are arrested and held in state or county jails —

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