I Was In Antifa. Their Violence Won’t Stop With 2020.

I Was In Antifa. Their Violence Won’t Stop With 2020.

The first time I put on the black mask and took part of the Antifa movement was in 2011 when I was 17. For a year and a half, I immersed myself in the anarchist subculture and attended a variety of rallies and protests all throughout Southern California while part of the black bloc. But then, I left the movement when I realized Antifa “activists” were more interested in fighting people with whom they disagreed than combating true fascism and extremism. Now, I’m a conservative activist, advocating on behalf of college students who’ve had their First Amendment rights violated on campus. 

Last month, I donned the black mask once more, going undercover on election night in Washington, D.C. I wanted to see if anything had changed since I left the movement in 2012. Sadly, it has, but not for the better. In fact, the Antifa of today is more organized and more dangerous than the Antifa I marched with in

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