‘I Don’t Know Who Told You That!’: AOC Gets SILENCED After FBI Official Schools Her On Key Topic


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez turned into a bumbling mess this week after a FBI official absolutely demolished her on “domestic terrorism.”

During a hearing on Tuesday before the House Oversight Committee, FBI Assistant Director for Counterterrorism Michael McGarrity was testifying about white supremacy in the United States.

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When it was Ocasio-Cortez’s turn to ask him questions, it became more than obvious that she was no match for McGarrity.

Ocasio-Cortez began by asking McGarrity why the deadly Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, shooting in Charleston, South Carolina and the likewise deadly Tree of Life Synagogue attack in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania were not treated as domestic terrorist incidents.

McGarrity responded by noting that she was incorrect.

That’s not correct, I don’t know who told you that we did. But we certainly had cases open on them. In both those cases, and I wasn’t here for the Dylann Roof

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