I Did The Snow Test And The Are NOT Telling You The Truth!

I Did The Snow Test And The Are NOT Telling You The Truth!

Have you seen the “snow test” on social media?

I bet you have.

Or maybe someone has told you about it.

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People are taking lighters and trying to melt snowballs.

Sounds innocent enough, right?

We all have a basic understanding of water, don’t we?


It’s a liquid when at room temperature, ice below 32 degrees and a vapor above the boiling point.

We all know that.

So what would you naturally expect to happen when you take a lighter to a snowball?

You’d expect it to melt up.

Except….that’s not happening.

It’s not really melting and it’s just turning black.

REALLY weird.

Here are some videos of people doing it themselves:

It snowed here earlier so I decided to do the test. The results showed that the Snow is not melting! It’s only showing black spots when I light on it! #Weathermodification #HAARP #Geoengineering #fakesnow pic.twitter.com/X3HKs32QIK

— Uriel (@Urylle) November 28, 2019

And here:


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