“Hundreds or Thousands” of Sick Child Images Found In Epstein’s Mansion During FBI Raid!


Jeffrey Epstein is a sick man, indeed.

Last weekend, the FBI raided the home of Jeffrey Epstein and discovered some disturbing, to say the least, items in his $77 million mansion.

Among them included hundreds of suggestive photographs of nude or partially-nude girls, at least one of which has been confirmed to be underage.

Take a look at the report that has been circulating on Twitter here:

BREAKING: Authorities found “at least hundreds–and perhaps thousands–of sexually suggestive photographs of fully- or partially-nude females,” some of whom “appear to be” underage girls. Some were in a “locked safe.”

One of those girls’ counsel corroborated she was underage. pic.twitter.com/A7wdPggl8t

— Adam Klasfeld (@KlasfeldReports) July 8, 2019

Prosecutors: Epstein tried to “harass or tamper with witnesses,” and hired private investigators who “‘forc[ed] off the road’ the father of an individual relevant in the investigation,” in an “alarming” incident.

Govt’s 10-page bail memo, @CourthouseNews: https://t.co/ViJGZh2Urw pic.twitter.com/eYExJoDOzF

— Adam Klasfeld (@KlasfeldReports)

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