Huawei Employees Who Marry Europeans Face Being Fired for ‘Betrayal’

Huawei Employees Who Marry Europeans Face Being Fired for ‘Betrayal’

Huawei has told its Chinese employees working in Europe that if they marry Westerners, they could face being fired or forced to leave the continent for “betrayal”, an investigation has found.

A Huawei human resources handbook, entitled ‘West European Region Chinese Expatriates Assignment and Mobility Management Regulation’, said that employees who applied for, or were granted, permanent residence in a European country, or married an EU resident, should be instructed to leave the country “as soon as possible”.

The document also went on to state that attempting to settle in Europe represents a breach of “their employment contract and shall resign from the company or its subsidiary”, according to an investigation by The Daily Telegraph alongside European media partners in The Signals Network.

“Those who’ve obtained residency in an EU country or whose spouses are permanent EU residents and those who have voluntarily applied for permanent residency in the EU must

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