How will SORA’s Price Perform After the Launch of Polkaswap?

How will SORA’s Price Perform After the Launch of Polkaswap?

In a recent investment thesis on the coin Sora (XOR), the Cointelegraph Research team explored the current state of the DeFi industry, highlighting the biggest challenges that the industry is facing right now. The two largest problems are scalability and the segregation of multiple blockchains that exist independently and cannot share information between one another. The Polkadot project tries to solve both these bottlenecks by offering cross-blockchain transfers of any type of asset. They also provide transactional scalability by spreading transactions and validation across multiple parallel blockchains.

Download the full investment thesis on SORA (XOR) here.

Polkadot aims to ameliorate two pivotal elements of the DeFi economy, namely automated market makers and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. A connection to Polkadot through the SORA Network allows the new Polkaswap decentralized exchange (DEX) to feature much higher transaction output compared to its rivals while maintaining reasonable transaction fees. As of March 22, Ethereum’s largest DEX Uniswap registered $1.08 billion in daily trading volume

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