How To Talk To Your Children About Joe Biden’s Presidency

How To Talk To Your Children About Joe Biden’s Presidency

After the 2016 election when millions of Americans were thrown into existential free-fall, one could almost hear the gnashing of teeth as the defeated decried the incoming president as a man of low moral character, unbefitting the highest office in the land. The assertions were numerous and quite a sight to behold. America was tearing itself apart and democracy with it. In short, everything was awful.

Since then, there has been a spate of articles addressing how to talk to your children — some are even pretty decent. Talking to our kids about our misgivings regarding political leaders is a good thing. Indeed, I fully expect we’ll all have numerous discussions with our children about President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. My concern, however, is that we make sure not to project our anxieties and fears onto our children in doing so.

While it’s OK for our children to see us as human beings who sometimes enter periods

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