How The Media’s COVID Lies Weaken America

How The Media’s COVID Lies Weaken America

It was darkly funny at first how neither corporate media nor their Democrat friends could agree with a single thing President Donald Trump said, no matter how plausible — or even obvious — it was. He realized this, and used it to great effect.

When Trump said America needed to be great, corporate media said it had never been great. The New York Times even launched a massive project to prove this. Although they later had to retract the opening thesis of the project — that the colonists rebelled to preserve slavery — their friends still gave them a Pulitzer.

When Trump insulted the vicious and evil MS-13 gang of rapists and child murderers, calling them “animals,” corporate media defended MS-13. Attacking MS-13 this way is extremely racist, they said. “Bigotry,” Emmy-award-winning journo Jamil Smith intoned in Rolling Stone, “requires that the enemy be made out to be less than human, and Trump has long made use of blurry

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