How the GOP can win back Congress

How the GOP can win back Congress

While pundits talk about a post-impeachment civil war within the Republican Party, the truth is that the GOP is more unified than ever in taking back control of Congress in 2022.

History is also on the Right’s side, with Democrats in charge of both chambers and President Biden pushing a leftist, go-at-it-alone agenda. Put simply, Democrats are helping to unify the Republican Party.

Historically, the party not in the White House expands its majorities in midterm elections, with the greatest example being 1994. That year, Democrats were burned after President Bill Clinton made unpopular pushes to overhaul healthcare. The legislative overreach cost Democrats. Republicans regained control of both houses of Congress for the first time in more than 40 years, widening their lead in the Senate to a 53 to 47 advantage and 230 to 214 in the House.

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Could Biden and Democratic Leaders see a repeat performance 28 years later?

The answer lies in how bruising

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