How Not to Lose Your Cryptocurrency License in Estonia

How Not to Lose Your Cryptocurrency License in Estonia

Basic recommendations for those who are considering incorporating crypto business in Estonia.

Recently, there have been discussions regarding Estonia’s new law on cryptocurrency, the revocation of 500 crypto licenses in Estonia, and companies exiting from Estonian regulatory jurisdiction. Let’s focus on three major recommendations.

Do your research before engaging with a legal partner in Estonia

Yes, it might sound odd, but I think one of the reasons why companies have been losing their crypto licenses is some consulting companies. I won’t mention specific firms, but I am aware that some consulting companies conduct very aggressive marketing, spamming their adverts for a single reason — to sell a “ready company” with licenses and, in some cases, with a bank account.

Why are they to blame? First, they spam and try to sell their services to everyone who is working in the cryptocurrency business, which I feel isn’t appropriate. Estonian licenses are for very specific services and may not be applicable to everyone

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