How Gather is Developing an Ad-Free Web

How Gather is Developing an Ad-Free Web

Everyone is familiar with the modern web experience. Use a site that you don’t pay a subscription for, you’ll be served advertisements. Use a site you pay a subscription for, you often still get served advertisements. This traditional and outdated model is shattered by users of Gather Network. As a user, once you opt into a Gather site, you are paid based on time spent on the app or website as the site is paid for having you browse. The user is not served a single advertisement while perusing the site.

The idea of using the internet without monetization from a separate advertising party feeding you digital billboards is strange. Enter digital monetization via processing power. Rather than negotiate advertising terms, Gather Network uses a hybrid POS and PoW consensus to establish security and provide incentives for network participants by utilizing the user’s idle processing power. Visitors to a site opt-in with a click when entering which allows them

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