How Democrats tried to handcuff Donald Trump from the start

How Democrats tried to handcuff Donald Trump from the start

Starkly different tales of two presidential transitions have played out in Washington.

In 2016, Democrats, Obama administration officials and liberal media moved quickly to target President-elect Trump. Over 73 days, there were calls for impeachment, a resistance movement, attempts to infiltrate the Electoral College, false opposition research and FBI surveillance, a Washington Times examination shows.

Four years later, liberal Democrats and media are urging Republicans to rally around presumptive President-elect Joseph R. Biden and his “unity” message.

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The pugnacious real estate mogul from New York City in 2016 shocked Hillary Clinton, who seemed to be the heir apparent to the Barack Obama legacy. Pundits had said Mr. Trump had little or no chance of reaching 270 electoral votes.

What transpired after the Nov. 8, 2016, election was at times open rebellion by Democrats.

John Dowd, a defense lawyer who represented Mr. Trump in the Russia probe, told The Washington Times that Democrats “trashed” the president’s efforts to form his

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