How DeFi can improve the e-commerce sector

How DeFi can improve the e-commerce sector

Decentralized finance and shopping seem like an unusual combination at first. How can liquidity pools help you save money at the till? But scratch a little deeper and some compelling use cases for DeFi emerge. With the retail sector suffering through one of the most challenging times seen in a generation, here are the main issues facing e-commerce right now… and how DeFi could fix them.

A match made in heaven?

The likes of Amazon, eBay and Shopify have transformed the way we buy everyday items. Now, anyone can become a merchant — and once exotic products can be delivered to your doorstep in a matter of hours. But the rise of these e-commerce platforms has created some new problems, and exacerbated old ones.

Small businesses selling their wares through these online shopping giants can often end up paying commission fees of 15% to 20%, eating into razor-thin profit margins. Inevitably, some of these costs end up being

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