How Christianity Gained Cultural Momentum In The Trump Era

How Christianity Gained Cultural Momentum In The Trump Era

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour,  Staff Editor Madeline Orr Osburn joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss how the Trump era has inspired Christian celebrities to become more outspoken about their faith and incorporate it into pop culture.

“We are seeing it in their art but we are also seeing it in their lives,” Osburn said, noting celebrities such as Justin and Haley Bieber and Kanye West are acting in “very conservative Christian” ways, with some such as Kanye West choosing to express pro-life views.

Jashinksy also noted that these celebrities are not just talking the talk, but they seem to be walking a walk that seems to counter what Hollywood culture promotes and accepts.

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“It’s not like they’re taking this sort of easy route in talking about their spirituality and in a way that doesn’t really ruffle any feathers or raise any eyebrows,” Jashinsky said. “They’re openly acknowledging that it’s counter-cultural and openly acknowledging that

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