How Capitol police botched the response to DC protests

How Capitol police botched the response to DC protests

The Capitol Police Department was woefully underprepared to handle the riotous mob of Trump supporters on Wednesday — even though Washington, DC authorities had advanced warning that the crowd would be descending on Capitol grounds.

The federal agency, tasked with guarding the area and members of Congress, underestimated the sheer size — and will — of the protesters who smashed their way inside the Capitol building and ran amok for hours.

“Capitol Police did have a plan, but apparently they assumed business as usual,” one law enforcement official told the Washington Post, saying they did not expect the crowd from President Trump’s rally to target the building and push their way in.

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“Bottom line, there just wasn’t enough personnel to prevent a mob from pushing in,” the source said.

Some officers were also out sick on Wednesday due to COVID-19 infections or exposures, sources told the newspaper.

On Thursday, red-faced authorities in DC worked to distance themselves from the

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