How Blockchain Can Boost Film Industry As Content Demand Soars

How Blockchain Can Boost Film Industry As Content Demand Soars

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More people are watching films globally than ever before – a trend that has been enunciated by Covid-19 lockdowns but that was in the works well before the pandemic. Despite the increasing demand for content, chances for creators to pitch their films to industry gatekeepers are few and far between. This means there are fewer opportunities for creators, and more talent goes to waste.

There is a billion-dollar opportunity for businesses to meet growing consumer demand for great and interesting content. Blockchain technology could very well be the key to seizing that chance.

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Demand for content is sky-high

Especially in the wake of the limitations Covid-19 has imposed on us, content streaming has never been higher. With a current market size of about $50 billion, video streaming is expected to grow an estimated 21% each year for the next seven years. There have also been outsized viewership spikes during lockdowns, with

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