How a stake pool managed to produce Cardano’s first Quantum block

How a stake pool managed to produce Cardano’s first Quantum block

Cardano inventor and IOG CEO Charles Hoskinson has celebrated the production of the platform’s first “quantum block”. Created by Cardano’s stake pool called Onyx, the operator claimed to have successfully used an algorithm on the IonQ quantum computer.

The stake pool operator has set out to use this technology to give Cardano’s blockchain a source of “true entropy.” On April 4, the operator posted the following message via its Twitter account:

Success! I have sampled 32k random bits from an eight-qubit circuit with Hadamard gates on the Rigetti quantum computer! This is now the first candidate data block for the entropy infusion into the Cardano blockchain!

Amazing to see cardano’s first Quantum block

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— Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) April 4, 2021

Benefits for Cardano’s blockchain

Promising to provide further updates shortly, Onyx’s operator confirmed that adding “true” entropy to Cardano’s blockchain will allow the platform to be more secure and resistant to tampering by bad actors.


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