How a probe of Trump-Russia ties turned into a GOP rally cry

How a probe of Trump-Russia ties turned into a GOP rally cry

WASHINGTON (AP) – In 2016, Donald Trump’s campaign chairman shared polling data with an associate suspected of ties to Russian intelligence. Another Trump associate sought inside information about Democratic emails stolen by Kremlin operatives. The candidate himself invited Russia to hunt for his opponent’s emails, then tried to stifle investigators once he entered the White House.

These were among the findings of the special counsel investigation of ties between Russia and Trump’s 2016 campaign. It produced a trove of damaging, or at least embarrassing, information about Trump. Yet in the 2020 campaign, Democrats are largely ignoring the Russia probe. It’s Republicans who are making it a top campaign issue.

Trump and his supporters have cast the investigation as a witch hunt. It’s a refrain in Trump tweets and speeches and on conservative media. In the run-up to the election, Trump-appointed officials are ordering the declassification of documents that Trump hopes will boost his campaign.

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While some of the revelations

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