House GOP to roll out new agenda next week

House GOP to roll out new agenda next week

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy told rank-and-file Republican lawmakers Friday he will roll out a new agenda next week focused on ending the coronavirus outbreak, rebuilding jobs, and preserving conservative priorities, including school choice and ending U.S. dependence on China.

In a memo to Republicans, McCarthy said the framework will distinguish the GOP agenda from that of the Democrats and that it “encapsulates our mission and plan moving forward.”

House Republicans plan to announce a “Pledge to America” on Sept. 23 and on the following week will unveil a new “Contract with America,” which aims to repeat the House GOP playbook that helped the party retake the majority in the 1994 election.

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McCarthy’s Friday memo doesn’t provide many details but advises Republicans it will be the focus of a Monday night GOP conference meeting in the Capitol.

“Now, more than ever, our constituents deserve to know exactly where we stand and how we plan to combat the radical

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