House Democrats outraising Republicans in midterm races

House Democrats outraising Republicans in midterm races

House Democrats have opened a yawning fundraising advantage over their Republican opponents in 2022 midterm races.

Dem incumbents currently being targeted by the GOP have on average close to $2 million in the bank, while Republican incumbents facing challenges from Democrats have just $750,000, according to a new analysis by Roll Call.

Incumbent Democrats seeking reelection in districts Donald Trump won in 2020 held an average of $1.5 million cash on hand as of June 30. Incumbent Republicans representing districts won by President Biden had $1.2 million on average.

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The data is taken from the second-quarter disclosures from the Federal Election Commission. Roll Call stressed it was still early to say how the money race would ultimately shape up. In some cases incumbents do not yet face a challenger. Statewide partisan redistricting to comply with the 2020 census promises to scramble the races still further.

As the party out of power, Republicans are also expected to have

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