Hospital lobby has a friend in Democratic Congress

Hospital lobby has a friend in Democratic Congress

It’s always hard to tell whether hospitals are the good guys or the bad guys. During the Obamacare debates before, during, and after passage, the media and the Democrats heralded hospitals as good guys.

So trusted were the hospitals that the industry’s support of Obamacare and opposition to repeal efforts were taken by journalists as proof of the law’s virtues.

“Obamacare is working,” one writer argued. “There’s no better evidence of this than a brief filed on behalf of the government in King by the Hospital Corporation of America, better known as HCA, the largest health care provider in the country.”

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Frequently, though, hospitals are seen as callous, uncaring, profit-seeking monopolies.

During COVID-times, though, hospital workers are “heroes,” and hospitals are exalted. Seeing the opportunity this creates, the hospital lobby is going all-out in their asks of Congress, as reported by Rachel Cohrs at StatNews.

And one interesting detail here is how friendly the Democratic majority is

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