Horses feel just as much pain as humans when whipped, study finds

Horses feel just as much pain as humans when whipped, study finds

Horses, they’re just like us.

There’s no significant difference in the way horses and humans can feel pain when whipped, according to a study published Thursday.

The new research used skin samples from 10 humans and 20 thoroughbred or thoroughbred-type horses to compare the structure and nerve supply, The Guardian Australia reported.

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It found that both people and the animals “have the equivalent basic anatomic structures to detect pain in the skin.”

“Our conclusions are that we need to accept that the physical capacity of horses to accept pain is clear,” Paul McGreevy, a study co-author and a professor at the University of Sydney told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

While horses may have a thicker dermis, or the layer of tissue below the skin’s surface, potentially offering some resilience, the study found that “it is not considered protective from external cutaneous pain.”

That’s because a horse’s outer layer of skin “is as richly innervated and is of equivalent thickness

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